"The Groke" scarf

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Merino wool scarf

Reflective print

Apart from being a chilling character, the Groke is also obviously very cool, since she’s definitely one of our most popular prints. Maybe the Groke’s popularity stems from it’s mysteriousness, we don’t really know much about her, do we?

This soft scarf is knitted from luxurious and warm mulesing-free merino wool in Tampere, Finland. The knit has a smooth stretch to it, making sure it feels as nice as it looks, keeping you warm even in colder temperatures. The scarf has a reflective print added by Moiko's own team in our own studio in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

The print is reflective and the strategic placement helps make sure you stay visible in the dark, because it moves as you move.

Don't forget to wear CE-certified reflectors! Moiko CE-reflectors can be found here.