Lempeä karhu unisex t-shirt

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Unisex T-shirt

Black print

Colour: White
Size: S



The bear is Finland’s national animal, and rightly so. This mystical king of our forests has a powerful aura, and its gaze echoes timeless wisdom. The original painting is made by a Finnish artist, Teemu Järvi.

Check out more of Teemu's art here.

T-shirts are made of recycled fabrics from a Finnish company Pure Waste. The fabric is 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester. The cotton is cutting waste collected from sewing factories or discarded clothes and the polyester comes from disposable PET bottles.The colour of the product is defined based on the collected waste, so there is no need to use dyes. Chemicals are not used in any other production phase either. The manufacturing of this fabric creates 50% less carbon dioxide emissions and consume 99.9% less water than corresponding products made of virgin materials.