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Unisex T-Shirt

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Colour: Ecru
Size: XS

Maalla art festival is a multi-arts festival held in Lapua's Kauhajärvi. It consists of free workshops, performances and a group exhibition. Moiko works as a partner of the festival. Proceeds from the festival products go to support and make the event possible the following year. Shirts on sale for a limited time.

All T-shirts are sewn in a small sewing room in Estonia, and printed in our own premises in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Our T-shirt is sewn from the recycled fabrics of the Finnish company Pure Waste. The material is 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Cotton is cutting waste from sewing factories and polyester comes from recycled PET bottles. No harmful chemicals have been used in the production and the products are not dyed, but the color comes from the characteristic color of the clippings. The production of the fabric consumes 99.9% less water and produces 50% less carbon dioxide emissions than the production of a similar product made from virgin materials.